About The Assault Series Bikes

The Assault Series line of Custom-Built Harley-Davidson V-Twin motorcycles are the creative vision of Nick Trask of Trask Performance. These bikes represent a unique approach to the custom reconstruction of the Harley-Davidson Road King motorcycle.

Each bike starts out as a Road King and is dismantled completely. The OEM frame is then re-fabricated to conform to the Assault Series specifications. Front forks, suspension, electronics, gauge’s, brakes, wheels and more, are all either modified or replaced to make these bikes a true Assault Series.

Take a good look at any Assault Series Bike and you will see a custom built a motorcycle with more bespoke parts than original. For example, each front wheel of an Assault Bike is machined in-house from a solid piece of aerospace aluminum alloy. Then each one of those front wheels is fitted with an in-house manufactured perimeter rotor.

From its initial disassembly to final reassembly, hundreds of hours in time and development are poured into every Assault Series Bike. Producing a truly unique bespoke work of both form and function.


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